On Your Mark, Get Set, Let’s Go Now!

Ever just feel like throwing in the towel or just screaming in frustration?  Here’s a suggestion – find a song or a poem that puts it all back in perspective and reminds you of how strong you are and that YOU’VE

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Get Listed! Use Directory Listings for Online and Offline Marketing

An easy way to impact both your online and offline marketing  is to put a little effort into getting listed.  Directory listings are not just an important resource for potential customers to find you, but they are also a great Search Engine

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Directory of Directory Listings

There are hundreds of local directories on the web – wouldn’t it be great if you were listed in all of them? Here are a few to get you started. Google Bing Yahoo! Yelp Merchant Circle LinkedIn Foursquare YellowPages.com Whitepages BizJournals.com Dex

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Why The Right CRM Means Money In Your Pocket

If you’re going to build a profitable and wildly successful business, you will need to do more than just lead generation. Once you attract a lead, convert them to a customer, and provide your product or service, you need to

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Beyond Green Beer: 50 Marketing Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day (And other fun holidays!)

St. Patrick’s Day offers  another creative reason to reach out and communicate with your customers! Although this list is specific to this lucky little holiday – all of the ideas can be adapted to anything from President’s Day to Thanksgiving,

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10 Tips to Create Emails That Get Opened

Use Proper Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar. Nothing will turn off your readers faster than a poorly written subject line. You could have the best content, the most persuasive call-to-action, and top-of-the-line products and services, but in your reader’s mind, you

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5 Keys to Setting Great Goals And Reaching Them!

Set a goal that Inspires You One of the biggest reasons people fail to reach their goal is that the result wasn’t really something they desired. Often times, the goal just didn’t line up with their core values – it

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